Introducing the world’s best diagnostic tool for identifying hidden injuries that CT Scans, MRIs & other medical imaging can't find

Neck injuries from whiplash are extremely common & frequently occur at the same time as concussions!

"Neck injury symptoms are identical to post-concussion symptoms. Yet 99% of imaging technology cannot identify this type of injury"

If your head snapped forwards, or backwards, or to any side when you got your concussion or injury, then it's plausible you may actually have a neck injury that is causing all your symptoms and problems

Only one way to know for sure...

But there’s only one way to know for sure if you have this type of neck injury.
Traditional MRI, CT Scans, and standard X-rays will not detect this injury. Only one imaging device can identify this dysfunction in your neck.

That device is Dr. B's Motion X-Ray Scanner.

Dr. B has the only Motion X-ray device in Western Canada. So it’s hard to find this assessment locally. Why is it so rare? Most doctors are unaware of how this specific injury mirrors post-concussion symptoms, so they don't prioritize purchasing this expensive imaging technology to diagnose this injury.

Neck Injuries cause all kinds of concussion-like symptoms & problems, and are the root cause of many physical & neurological issues.

Yet, most conventional imaging cannot identify a neck injury. Because the symptoms are virtually the same, everyone is looking for a concussion.

Dr. B's Motion X-Ray is the only medical imaging that can identify this hidden problem.

Get the correct diagnosis and treatment plan with Dr. B's Motion X-Ray

What if you knew exactly what was triggering your post-concussion symptoms?

No more guessing! Get the exact answers you need

FAQs About the Motion X-Ray

Dr. B.s Motion X-Ray is unlike any other kind of X-Ray or medical imaging. The Motion X-Ray captures live video evidence of your injury in real time from multiple angles. By involving both movement and the influence of gravity on your injury, we can accurately see if you have damage to your upper vertebrae or any of the supporting ligaments in the neck. This could be the hidden cause of your post-concussion-like symptoms. Dr. B.s Motion X-Ray is also great at accessing injuries in joints such as the knee or shoulder. In real-time we can see exactly what is going on inside your injured body part when it moves.

When you get a standard X-Ray, CT scan, or MRI scan, you’re always laying down. When lying down in a stationary position, your vertebrae and ligaments return to a happy equilibrium - hiding any dysfunction or injury. It’s only when we factor in gravity and motion during the exam that we can get a true picture of your injury.

Dr. B’s Motion X-Ray will highlight previously unidentified issues in your spine, ligaments and supporting bone structures that are invisible on MRI, CT scans and traditional X-Rays. Before you can get the right treatment, you must accurately know where the injury is. Dr. B’s Motion X-Ray will show you.

Motion X-ray video

In the video below, Dr. Blaskovich discusses whiplash, injuries to the upper vertebrae, and how these factors can influence post-concussion-like symptoms such as headaches, nausea, vertigo, and many other symptoms.


Types of Injuries Dr. B's Motion X-Ray Can Diagnose

  • Neck Injuries (Whiplash)
  • Shoulder Injuries
  • Knee Injuries
  • Ankle Injuries

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